“StarPay-Order” Self-Ordering System to be Implemented at“Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay”

June 18, 2024

“StarPay-Order” Self-Ordering System to be Implemented at “Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay”
Adapts to In-Hotel Stores Business Formats, Realizing Self-Ordering & Unstaffed Stores

NETSTARS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Tsuyoshi Ri; hereinafter, “NETSTARS”) will provide its self-ordering system “StarPay-Order” to “Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay”, opening on Thursday, June 20, 2024 in the Maihama Shin-Urayasu area in ​​Chiba Prefecture, operated by Hoshino Resorts Inc.

“Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay” is a hotel with an interior designed on the concept of “OLDIES GOODIES” with the motif of the American worldview of circa 1955, providing guests with a lingering sense of immersion in an extraordinary world even after leaving the nearby theme park. The hotel offers convenient services including its Cafeteria and Restaurant, which provide freshly-prepared meals timed for the late-night arrivals and early-morning departures that are common with theme park visits, and the Food & Drink Station, where guests can purchase snacks, drinks, and convenience goods 24 hours a day. Ordering and payment for food and drink services and products at the respective stores within “Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay” will be made possible using NETSTARS’ self-ordering system, “StarPay-Order”.

At the Cafeteria, which offers rice-bowl dishes, deli foods, and alcoholic beverages until late at night, a “Kiosk Order” terminal will be installed. The “Kiosk Order” allows customers to order from the menu via a touch-panel kiosk terminal, as well as use cash or various cashless payment services, by themselves. When payment is complete, a meal ticket is issued, which the customer exchanges at the food service counter to receive their meal.  

StarPay-Order “Kiosk Order”
StarPay-Order“Kiosk Order”

At the 24-hour Food & Drink Station, a “Self-Register” will be installed. Customers either scan the barcode of their purchased products themselves, or select the product on the screen of the touch-panel kiosk terminal, and then carry out payment. Introducing StarPay-Order’s Self-Register system allows unstaffed stores to be available 24 hours a day, thereby meeting the shopping needs of late-night customers.

StarPay-Order “Self-Register”

In addition, self-ordering via StarPay-Order is used as a simplified cash register to sell meal tickets at the Restaurant’s breakfast buffet, with the aim of eliminating crowding during peak periods.

NETSTARS’ “StarPay-Order” system is a self-ordering and cashless payment solution implemented in a wide range of use cases, including restaurants, stores, movie theaters and other facilities. It allows flexible implementation and operation customized to product purchasing flow, business format, and other conditions. Order information and payment records can be checked real-time via the cloud management site, and sales data totals and analysis, as well as product management such as additions and deletions of menu items on the in-store Kiosk terminal or mobile ordering screen, and sales quality settings, can be carried out with ease.

Going forward, NETSTARS will continue to realize optimization and labor-saving in in-hotel store operations through “StarPay-Order”, as commenced with “Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay”.    

■Facility of “StarPay-Order” Implementation:
Hoshino Resorts 1955 Tokyo Bay
Address: Hinode 7-2-3, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture
Installed Terminals: 5 × Cash-accepting Kiosk Terminals, 6 × Dedicated Cashless Kiosk Terminals

■NETSTARS, Co., Ltd.
NETSTARS Co., Ltd. has been developing its gateway business since the company’s establishment in 2009, and was the first agent to introduce QR code payment service “WeChatPay” to Japan in 2015. Since then, NETSTARS has developed StarPay, a multi-cashless payment solution that enables stores to introduce and manage various cashless payments simultaneously, focusing on domestic and international QR code payment services. Currently, building on the foundation of StarPay’s technological capabilities, NETSTARS is working on the development of multifaceted services.