NETSTARS Updates “StarPay” App’s Code-Scanning Function using AI

April 18, 2024

NETSTARS Updates “StarPay” App’s Code-Scanning Function using AI
Improvement of Scanning Functions, including Simultaneous Multiple Code-Reading and Recognition of Partially-Blurred Codes , Releasing in Stages from Mid-May

NETSTARS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Tsuyoshi Ri; hereinafter, “NETSTARS”) has achieved simultaneous multiple code-scanning and improvement of code-reading functions, utilizing AI technology, within its multi-cashless payment solution “StarPay” app. The updated app will be released in stages from mid-May onwards, starting with the version used in special-purpose terminals.

The “StarPay” app is used during in-store payment to scan QR codes displayed by customers. In addition to special-purpose terminals, the app has been expanded for general use, with Android and iOS versions. The QR codes of various payment services used by customers can be scanned immediately, facilitating the payment process.

This update will allow instant simultaneous recognition and scanning when reading QR codes, even when multiple QR codes and barcodes are present on the screen, and will enable users to select which code to use at the payment terminal. Until now, when multiple codes were present on the same screen, it was necessary to re-scan for the correct code if an adjacent code was erroneously recognized. This update will resolve user stress in such situations. In addition, other improvements to the app include an increase in code-reading speed and improvements in code-recognition functionality, permitting the scanning of payment codes from a wide range of angles, including diagonally. This will even allow the scanning of codes that are partially obscured, or in dimly-lit locations.

These improvements to code-reading speed and recognition functions have been achieved through the utilization of AI technology. By using generative AI from the development stage, we were able to accelerate the development process.

NETSTARS also plans to appropriately implement this code-scanning function in other services and products that we provide. Going forward, we will work hard to further improve the usability of “StarPay”, and to contribute to the popularization of cashless payment services within Japan.

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■About NETSTARS, Co., Ltd.
NETSTARS Co., Ltd. has been developing its gateway business since the company’s establishment in 2009, and was the first agent to introduce China’s QR code payment service “WeChatPay” to Japan in 2015. Since then, NETSTARS has developed StarPay, a multi-cashless payment solution that enables stores to introduce and manage various cashless payments simultaneously, focusing on domestic and international QR code payment services. Currently, building on the foundation of StarPay’s technological capabilities, NETSTARS is working on the development of multifaceted services.