StarPay-mini Selected for Development of the JTB Leisure Ticket Mini-Application

NETSTARS Co., Ltd., StarPay-mini Selected for Development of the JTB Leisure Ticket Mini-Application.

Sales of leisure tickets to launch on December 21 as a d-barai (Docomo Pay) reservation and ordering service.

NETSTARS Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Tsuyoshi Ri; hereinafter “NETSTARS”) is proud to announce that its StarPay-mini mini-application implementation support service has been selected by JTB Corporatio n (President and CEO: Eijiro Yamakita; hereinafter “JTB” ) for the development of its JTB Leisure Ticket mini-application.On December 21, 2021 (Tue.), NTT Docomo, Inc. (Representative Director and President: Motoyuki Ii ) will begin sales of leisure tickets through the reservation and ordering service (*1) of its d-barai (Docomo Pay) smartphone payment service.

With the evolution of technology, consumers can purchase tickets through a variety of channels, such as personal computers and smartphones.On the other hand, according to a survey conducted by JTB on ticket purchase methods, 52% of respondents still said they purchase tickets at a physical counter at leisure facilities (Figure 1).

How do you normally purchase tickets for leisure activities?

With the development of the JTB Leisure Ticket mini-application, which enables customers to purchase tickets for approximately 200 facilities, by utilizing NETSTARS’s StarPay-mini mini-application implementation support service, customers can seamlessly use their smartphones to search for facilities, make payments, print tickets, and enter facilities without standing in line at a ticket counter in a stress-free process.The JTB Leisure Ticket mini-application will be available within the reservation and ordering service of d-barai, NTT Docomo’s smartphone payment service. This will allow users to purchase leisure tickets (with QR codes) for tourist facilities sold on the JTB website using d-barai.This will promote a more diverse set of channels whereby consumers can purchase leisure tickets.

By supporting the development and introduction of mini-applications, NETSTARS is working to help more companies grow their touchpoints with customers.By implementing mini-applications on widely and frequently-used super-applications, like d-barai, customers have access to these apps without downloading separate applications and without entering personal and payment information, creating ease of use.

Currently, mini-applications are being used in a variety of industries and fields due to their seamless convenience. Through StarPay-mini, NETSTARS is committed to helping more companies develop and introduce simple and convenient mini-applications in order to offer consumers a more convenient option.

■ Details on the JTB Leisure Ticket Mini-Application

■ Using the JTB Leisure Ticket Mini-Application

  1. Search for a facility on the JTB Leisure Ticket Mini-Application within the d-barai Reservation/Ordering service
  2. Select a facility/product, then pay via d-barai. A ticket will be issued
  3. Present the QR code provided at the entrance to the facility to enter


■ About NETSTARS Co., Ltd.

The company has conducted a gateway business since it was founded in 2009.It became the first agent in Japan of the WeChatPay QR code payment service in 2015.Since then, it has operated the StarPay service enabling QR code payment services to be deployed and managed in Japan and overseas at once.At present, the company is engaged in diversified services based on the technological strength of StarPay.

■About StarPay-mini

StarPay-mini is a service provided by NETSTARS that enables faster and easier introduction of mini-applications that can be used on Japanese and international super apps such as LINE, as well as China’s WeChat and Alipay.The functionalities needed from mini-applications can be broken down into microservices to achieve a short time to market.

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